Boat excursion to the famous Sakarun beach

Sandy paradise on outer side of Dugi otok

Just 3 nautical miles from the Veli Rat lighthouse to the south is the beautiful sandy beach of Sakarun. According to many polls, it is included in the top 5 beaches on the entire Adriatic. The trip to Sakarun itself is one of the most comprehensive trips in our offer. On the way to Sakarun, he stops at a couple of locations that are really worth seeing.

On that road there are old military tunnels that can be entered by boat. There are as many as 3 such tunnels in the northern part of Dugi otok. A visit to Pantera Bay or the outer part of the bay is a beautiful sight. A quiet bay with a sandy bottom and a beautiful color of the sea is great for the first morning swim. Only half a nautical mile from it is the wreck of the ship Michelle (link) which is a perfect spot for diving enthusiasts.

Excursion info

Coordinates | 44.7906° N, 14.52496° E
Anchoring | Not allowed in the front of the main beach, you must use supplied buoys
Distance* | 27 n/m, approx 1 hour 20 minutes driving
* driving distance from Zadar harbor

Sakarun excursion - beach at close
Sakarun excursion - beach colors underneath
Sakarun - navigational chart

On the way to Sakarun beach, you pass the Veli Rat lighthouse, the highest lighthouse on the entire Adriatic. The lighthouse itself was built in 1849, and with its imposing height of 42 meters, it is still the tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic. Its yellowish and recognizable color from afar is the result of mixing eggs with the concrete from which it was built. According to island legends, there are as many as 100,000 egg yolks. Its light is visible at night even from a distance of 22 n/m.

Arriving at Sakarun beach is a special event, on a clear day the sea shines in all shades of turquoise, and at the bottom of the crystal clear sea you can see white sand. Anchoring in the bay itself is not allowed, but for that there are buoys for which you have to pay. The beach itself is a combination of turquoise sea and white sand and stretches for a length of 800 meters. The three hundred meter shallow sea is ideal for enjoying sports activities and is a safe environment for the youngest swimmers. Around the beach there is a pine forest that provides the necessary shade on very hot summer days. There are also 2 cafes available for refreshments or hot coffee.

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