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It is necessary for a nice boat ride

Zadar has a temperate continental climate, with mild winters and warm summers. Starting in May, temperatures rise to over 20 °C and peak in July and August at an average of 28 °C. Such a mild climate is an ideal environment for boat rentals and trips.

During the summer months, mornings are usually the best time to navigate towards desired locations. As a rule, in the afternoon there is a west and northwest wind, so it is good practice to plan routes that return from the west or northwest.

You can check the weather here:   YR.no (Zadar)

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Rent a boat

Rent a boat

If you have a valid international licence to operate a boat, rent our boats and take your family & friends to the best beaches around Zadar.

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Boat excursions


You would like to take a private boat excursion away from the local crowds in Zadar but don't have a boating licence. We offer a licensed skipper to take you and your friends to any desired destination.

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Boat transfers

Boat transfers

If you ever need a ride to the local islands or other locations in Zadar area that can be reached by the sea, we can arrange that too. Our boats are an excellent solution for fast transportation for you and your friends to the exact location needed.

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Frequently asked questions | F.A.Q.

Basic knowledgebase

1. What documents do I need to rent a boat?

You must have a valid international powerboat licence to rent our boats. It must be an original document, not a copy or an image on your smartphone... also car driving licence is not enough.

2. What about the security deposit?

Security deposit for the boats vary from 200€ - 400€. Together we will examine the boat condition and equipment. If everything is in order upon your return, the deposit is returned immediately.

3. Where can I find the boats?

The boats are located in the Old Town of Zadar, Jazine harbor . There is a convenient parking lot right next to the docks. If you request another pick up location, within range 10-15km it can also be arranged.

4. I don't have a licence... is there a skipper option available?

We have qualified skippers available for an additional 100€. With our experienced skippers you can truly relax and enjoy your boat trip.

5. What about the insurance?

All the boats have full coverage insurance. The crew is insured up to the maximum number of passengers allowed on the boat.

6. How to make a reservation?

Making a reservation is a simple process - we just need a valid contact info and photo of skipper's license for a boat rental. In case of bad weather the reservation can be canceled without additional fees.

Boat excursions | Boat transfers
Quicksilver 675 Sundeck

Yamaha F200 | 8 people
Cruising speed 22 knots | 24 lit/h

0 € *for daily rent with skipper on board

Period: dd.mm - dd.mm.

Rent a boat
Quicksilver 675 Open

Mercury Verado 150 | 8 people
Cruising speed 20 knots | 22 lit/h

0 € *for daily rent

Period: dd.mm - dd.mm.

Rent a boat
Cobra 499F

Honda BF75 | 4 people
Cruising speed 20 knots | 18 lit/h

0 € *for daily rent

Period: dd.mm - dd.mm.