Boat excursion to Kornati national park

Discover the true beauty of Kornati national park

A visit to the Kornati National Park is one of the most beautiful experiences a sailor can experience in the Zadar archipelago. Some sixteen nautical miles from Zadar and less than an hour's drive by faster boat, they are among the biggest tourist attractions of this area. Sailing between almost a hundred islands, islets and rocks and the brown-yellow color of this archipelago along with the beautiful and turquoise blue sea remains a lasting memory of a visit to the Kornati Islands.

Going to the island of Levrnaka and anchoring in Lojena beach facing the open sea and Italy is not to be missed. The turquoise color of the sea with beautiful pebbles and sand is a beautiful sight. It is definitely recommended to visit the beach either in the early morning or in the late afternoon, because outside of this period, the beach will be visited by a large number of tourists who dock on the other side of the island with large tourist boats. While you're there, don't forget to throw a bite of bread or some kind of snack into the sea - in no time you'll be surrounded by a flock of ospreys ready for feeding action. If you have some kind of underwater camera, attractive summer pictures are guaranteed.

Excursion info

Coordinates | 43.52534° N, 15.13543° E
Extra expenses | Ticket fee for boat up to 7 metres is 20*/45**/25***EUR
*pre season (months 1-5) | ** high season (6-9) |*** post season (10-12)
Anchoring | After buying the ticket you are free to anchor anywhere in the park
Distance**** | 16 n/m, approx 1 hour driving
**** driving distance from Zadar harbor

Kornati excursion - aerial
Kornati excursion - Modri bok bay
Kornati - navigational chart

Passing from the southern side of the island of Mana and viewing the rocks and cliffs of the island are also an opportunity for some attractive photos. Those cliffs are often called "The crowns of the Kornati". If you are brave, you can decide to jump from the lower cliffs of the island. It is impressive to see the depth of the sea just a few meters from the rocks of Mana, which in a moment reach up to 30 meters deep. Beaches like Modri bok or others nearby will delight you with their blueness, and a visit to the Tajer lighthouse on the island of Vela Sestrica, built in 1876, is also an opportunity to take photos. There is a lighthouse crew at the lighthouse, and docking is possible only in the harbor on the northern side of the island. On the way there be sure to avoid the Prisnjak rocks above the northern side of Levrnaka island, they are charted in nautical maps and clearly seen from the sea level.

If get hungry after exploring the park, feel free to find a place to eat in one of the famous Kornati restaurants, such as the Levrnaka tavern on the island of the same name or the Šporka Mare tavern on Katina island at the entrance of the park.

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